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Faculty Members

Post-Doctoral Fellow

PhD Scholars

PhD Completed

Ongoing M.Tech/MS(R)

M.Tech Completed

  1. NVH analysis of an Electric Vehicle using AI-Yashwanth Balaji (2021CTE2797(Co-supervisor: Prof B.K. Panigrahi)

  2. Strategies for Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machines-Sahil Chaturvedi (2020JIT2782)

  3. Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Mechanical Components Using Deep Learning- Lokesh Pratap Singh (2019JIT2222)

  4. Reliability and Performance Analysis of Electric Vehicle- Kulviner Rathee (2019JIT2602)

  5. Reliability Analysis Framework for Equipment in HCI- Ushaid Anjar (2019CEC2744)

  6. Productivity Improvement in A Tractor Industry Assembly Line- Ashok Singh Sajwan (Co-supervisor: Prof S. G. Deshmukh)

  7. Failure and Performance Analysis of Terrain Vehicle –Vikas Singh (2018JIT2103)

  8. Application of Wireless Condition Monitoring System for Fault Detection in Rotating Machines – Arun Pratap Singh (2018JIT226) (Co-Supervisor: Prof. N. Tandon)

  9. Study and Improvement of Electric Vehicle Sound Quality-Priyansh Singh (2018JIT2319) (Co-Supervisor: Prof. N. Tandon)

  10. Modernization of Irrigation System for Improving Irrigation Efficiency to Save Energy, Water and Cost - Nihal Singh (2018CEC2689)

  11. Optimization of Cost and Schedule for Operation & Maintenance Projects in Irrigation - Siddharthram R. (2018CEC2692)

  12. Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Rotating Machine Components –Aashish Kumar Patwari (2018JIT2320)

  13. Development of Rice Straw Based Composite for Vibration Damping- Shijin S. Varghese (2017JIT2135) (Co-Supervisor: Prof. D. Kumar)

  14. Condition Monitoring of Centrifugal Pump Using Vibration and MCSA- Savtanter Saini (2017JIT2663) (Co-Supervisor: Prof. N. Tandon)

  15. Development and Application of Sound Intensity Measurement Analysis Program- Shubham Saini (2017JIT2782)

  16. Reliability and Availability Analysis of Pump-Standby System using SMP- Shivam Garg (2016JIT2120) (Co-Supervisor: Late Prof. O. P. Gandhi)

  17. Condition Based Monitoring of Fan Using Vibration and Current Signature Analysis –Hemant Kumar (2016JIT2127) (Co-Supervisor: Prof. N. Tandon)

  18. Detection of Airgap Eccentricity and Broken Rotor Bar Faults in a Motor Using Current and Vibration Signature  Analysis- Navneet Ranjan Singh (2016JIT2944)  (Co-Supervisor: Prof. N. Tandon)

  19. Reliability and Maintainability Analysis of Water Treatment Plant-Raghula Ramesh (2016CEC2841) (Co-Supervisor: Late Prof. O. P. Gandhi)

  20. Condition Based Monitoring of Bearings Using Ultrasonic Techniques- Deepak Ahlawat (2015JIT2860) (Co-Supervisor: Prof. N. Tandon)

  21. Performance and Failure Analysis of Surface Miner- Atul Kumar (2015CEC2729) (Co-Supervisor: Late Prof. O. P. Gandhi)

  22. Evolving Operation and Maintenance Framework for Enhancing the Availability of Waste Water Treatment Plants- Abhinav Shankar (2016CEC2721) (Co-Supervisor: Late Prof. O. P. Gandhi)

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