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EV Condition Monitoring

Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis of Rotating Machines

Development of Automatic Fault Diagnosis System for Rotating Machines

Research Scholar-Mr. Rismaya Kumar Mishra
Supervisor(s)- Prof. S. Fatima and Prof. A.R. Mohanty

Fault detection and diagnosis are important to increase the availability of rotating components. In AHM Lab, state-of-the-art high-end diagnostic instruments based on vibration, current, noise, acoustic emission and temperature monitoring are used to develop an early warning system. Detailed signal processing and AI play the core role in achieving higher reliability of the same. 

Development of Intelligent Fault Prediction System for Rotating Machines

Research Scholar- Mr. Tauheed Mian

Supervisor(s)- Prof. S. Fatima

AHM Lab promotes industry 4.0 by incorporating AI-based fault diagnosis techniques, accompanied by signal and image processing for developing intelligent fault prediction and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimation system of rotating machines. Further, AHM Lab works to integrate these technologies with the embedded system and  Internet of Things (IoT) for remote monitoring.

Li-ion Battery Health Monitoring and Degradation Analysis

Research Scholar-Ms. Bhavya Vats
Supervisor(s)- Prof. Deepak Kumar and Prof. S. Fatima

Li-ion batteries are the most widely used power source in EVs due to their moderate energy and power density, low self-discharge and maintenance cost. Due to the limited energy density of Li-ion batteries, their commercialisation is getting impacted. AHM Lab studies the ageing and degradation of Li-ion batteries which are responsible for durability loss. Research on battery performance enhancement is also carried out in AHM Lab.

Development of On-board Diagnosis for Electric Vehicle Motor

Research Scholar-Mr. Anurag Chaudhary
Supervisor(s)- Prof. S. Fatima and Prof. B.K. Panigrahi

Safeguarding the major components of EVs such as motors, batteries, and converters/inverters is our utmost priority to support the development of EV infrastructure in India. AHM Lab develops economical and intelligent methods for correct and real-time diagnosis of EVs. Various low-cost sensors are designed to develop intelligent onboard fault diagnosis systems for EV applications.

Noise Source Detection and Mitigation

Development of Noise Control/Acoustic Materials from Solid Wastes

Research Scholar-Ms. Sunali
Supervisor(s)- Prof. S. Fatima

The rapid growth of population, industrialization, and urbanization during the last few decades has resulted in a large generation of solid wastes such as agricultural, industrial, mining, municipal etc. AHM Lab works on the circular economy concept, where various solid wastes are utilized for the development of acoustic materials.

Development of Biorenewable Products for Acoustic Materials and Commodity Chemicals

Research Scholar-Mr. Ashutosh Negi
Supervisor(s)- Prof. M. Ali Haider, Prof. S. Fatima and Prof. Ejaz Ahmad 

AHM Lab works with REC Lab, IIT Delhi to develop an integrated process for the utilization of agricultural wastes for fabricating acoustic materials along with the production of commodity chemicals. Furthermore, a techno-economic assessment is conducted to evaluate the technical feasibility and economic viability of the proposed pathway.

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